Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest mobile industry event hosted in three major cities around the world: Barcelona, Shanghai and for the first time in September 2017 San Francisco will be host to MWC Americas. The Barcelona event includes an exhibition on a grand scale, an award-winning conference, outstanding networking opportunities, partner programmes, the Glomo Awards, an arena for start-ups to showcase their inventions, a youth in mobile programme (YoMo) and more. For the past three years we have proudly branded this auspicious and hugely successful event. We have created the brand theme, designed all sorts of collateral and signage, built their websites, mapped out the UX and designed the UI of the event's mobile app and so much more. And...we have a huge amount of fun doing all of this great stuff!

We designed the brand...

For the 2017 events we came up with the concept of a master brand design and lead message that could be adapted to reflect the primary focus of each event. The aim being to show continuity and diversity across the three shows. Delving into how deeply rooted mobile is within our society we wanted to show how fundamental mobile is to our daily lives, it's elemental, it's... THE NEXT ELEMENT. This being the lead messaging for Barcelona, extending to THE HUMAN ELEMENT for Shanghai's consumer and business audiences; THE TECH ELEMENT for San Francisco where the focus is on the latest technology around mobile. We applied the same approach to the design theme – inks in motion – expanding the concept by adding design elements: people for Shanghai and connected tech for San Francisco. Adjusting the colour palette for each event and introducing these unique design devices added further differentiation. The brand is applied across every imaginable touch point from web and mobile, 80m onsite signage, street lamp posts and bus stops, printed brochures, wall and space artwork and even solar panels.


And the show's website...

For 2017, we built a completely new adaptive web framework allowing for elastic optimisation across all screen sizes. The page layouts have been built using proportional values as a measuring unit for blocks of content including: text, images, videos etc. allowing the web page to stretch and contract relative to the user's screen size.