Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017

MWC Shanghai – following on from Barcelona – is Asia’s biggest mobile event. This mobile event brings together a diverse set of characters in the mobile industry from C-level mobile executives to tech-savvy consumers who all have a common wish – to experience a connected life full of exciting new technologies and products.

We designed the brand...

The MWC Shanghai brand requires that extra special consideration as it has to resonate with a broader and more varied audience as well as translate across cultures. The master show messaging was adapted to 'THE HUMAN ELEMENT' for Shanghai serving both consumer and business audiences. Extending the concept to the design, we bumped up the energy of the brand by mixing up vibrancy of colour and motion through the inks as well as the introduction of additional design elements. The result lies somewhere between the alternative world of gaming in back streets and Japanese candy.


And the show's website...

Adapting the web framework developed for the MWC Barcelona event, we built a multi-lingual website for the Shanghai event. As with the MWC site, the page layouts have been built using proportional values as a measuring unit for blocks of content including: text, images, videos etc. allowing the web page to stretch and contract relative to the user's screen size.