Ross & Brown

Ross & Brown are an independent eyewear company designing fashionable sunglasses and optics for the citizens of the world - people who love to travel, explore new cities and have an appreciation for design - both past and present. Their mesh of vintage style frames inspired by icons and cities of eras past and combination of contemporary materials and craftsmanship, result in an elegant product line cocooned in nostalgia and style. Paris in the 50's, New York in the 70's, Milano in the 80's is what you'll see in the Ross & Brown brand – timeless and contemporary.

Brand development

Working with Ross & Brown meant optimising their brand for the digital space by injecting life into their 2017 digital marketing campaign. We enhanced their brand by redefining their look through a use of contemporary typography, eye catching photography and a vibrant colour palette. These elements were married up and disseminated across their website, online lookbook and social media channels. In a hugly competitive, high fashion arena, Ross & Brown are holding their own amongst high-end luxury brands and quality, affordable brands. Exploring their niche in the digital space, dancing to their unique rhythm and evoking a loyal following is where you'll find Ross & Brown at this point in time.


And website development...

Through an in-depth competitor analysis we gained insight into which areas of the website required optimising to meet the needs of their digital audience. We enhanced their website by creating a consistent visual language across the entire experience. We gave each of the Ross & Brown collections it's own unique identity, imbued with the distinct characteristics of the cities and eras from which provided inspiration for each of the design styles.