SDGs in Action App

In 2015 the United Nations launched 17 Sustainable Development Goals – a set of 17 aspirational global goals intending to ignite the public into contributing in whatever way the can towards providing a better future for every human being on the planet. The mobile industry's contribution to these goals is in providing platforms through which people can connect to mobile services and products that will enhance their lives. Working alongside the United Nations, GSMA and Project Everyone, we developed an app to publicise the Goals and encourage users to get involved and create actions around each of the 17 goals. The app was launched on stage at during the Social Good Summit at UN Week by Cristina Gallach, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information.

The app

The app is split up into three main sections:

News allows each of the app's partners to publish their latest news, case studies and Goal's related activities. In the case of the GSMA, this area is a showcase for Member's SDG initiatives.

The Goals section profiles each of the 17 Goals and provides in depth facts and figures, case studies, image galleries and videos as well as linking through to Project Everyone's World's Largest Lesson materials for each Goal.

Actions is where users get to create their own initiatives around specific Goals. Users can join pre-existing actions themselves as well as inviting their contacts to join. Actions can be recurring, location-based and relate to multiple Goals.


Gamification and AR

We added some exciting new features to the app for Mobile World Congress 2017. Scattered around the congress venue were a number of 'Goal Posts' each containing Bluetooth beacons. The posts were each related to a specific goal and when a user with the app installed came within 15 metres of the post, they were encouraged to collect the goal which appeared as a spinning augmented reality medallion. The GSMA offered prizes for users collecting all 17 Goals. For MWC17 we also added French and Spanish as system languages as well as a number of other enhanced features.